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A transformational Health & life coach, avid walker, kitchen creative and bubbly lover

While I am a Jersey girl at heart, I’ve lived, worked and played in the Northern California Bay Area for over 30 years and cannot imagine calling ANYwhere else home. We have the best of it all - cultural diversity, unbelievable weather, amazing cuisine, breathtaking coastline and the San Francisco skyline... what more can I say?

For most of my career I've worked in corporate america and while I've had amazing opportunities along the way I always knew I had an entrepreneurial spirt. I'm an avid reader and love learning and have always had a desire to help others and make a small mark on the world.

Fourteen years ago I took the first major step out of my comfort zone by stepping into an independent contractor role for an insurance company. During my 14 years in the insurance industry I was blessed with an opportunity to train, coach and mentor, as well as help people make important decisions about their financial security. I loved the challenge, leading a team, and the autonomy, but I was acutely aware that "selling insurance" was not my passion and after an amazing ride decided it was time to move on.


Fast Forward to 50

While I was exploring my career options, I was also dealing with my own internal mid-life struggle.. I had turned 50 a few years prior, was stressed out, dealing with the after math of menopause, striving to be fit, eat healthy and lose weight - all while trying to combat the subtle signs of aging.

My struggle was real!

Conversations with friends now included topics about stress, overwhelm and muffin tops. Hmmm could be a blog in there somewhere (or a country song). Marriages, moves, career changes and loss... it was all happening and I wanted to do something meaningful in this next chapter.

My Coaching Journey started as a personal quest to do some deep internal work, but quickly became a calling to do something more meaningful in the world - sharing my gifts with others in a way that felt intentional, and with more passion and purpose.

What Changed…

You may be expecting me to say I went on some crazy diet and did something extreme, but I'll tell ya... it all started with my internal dialog. What we say to ourselves, and the meaning we give to what happens to us has such a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves and view the world.

Here are a just a few other game changers...

- Stress - I got back in the drivers seat - this can impact EVERYthing in your life
- Food - I stopped depriving myself and judging, and instead got curious about what works best for my body.
- Exercise - Slowly adopted new healthy habits - doing things I enjoy, not dread
- Self Image - I stopped with the negative self talk and insecurity (to my husband, "you're welcome" ;o).
- Clearing the Clutter - The only word that comes to mind is LIBERATING

The Journey Begins…

I am taking my years of life and extensive work experience and expertise, gifts and passion, and applying them for a greater purpose - one filled with passion and gratitude for the gifts I've received in this life so far.

I love this path and the energy it brings me to be in a constant state of growth.

I want to help women who struggle with stress, anxiety and overwhelm to find peace, tap into their personal best so they can achieve their goals and design lives they love. Living a healthy lifestyle can and should be FUN!

Life is a gift and I plan to bring my A Game! Let's DO THIS!

Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to hear from you, so feel free to reach out!


What Else is there…

Workshops & Collaborations

Workshops and talks are a great way to share information and storires, as well as learn from one another in a safe, nonjudgemental environment.  Let’s get together and collaborate on ways to bring the most value to our clients while presenting topics of interest in an interactive space, while having fun!